Casual INC-5 "Bantamweigth" (3xcMPL, 1xcATM6, XL265) + alt (ATM9, XL235)

Thread in 'INC-5' started by CarloArmato, Jul 14, 2020.

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    Experimental build to achieve both the alpha strike and the DPS role packed in a little mech.

    3xMPL + ATM6 means you can pack a punch at med-short range, while still being somewhat effective thanks to MPLs lower cooldown and a whopping -15% missile cooldown quirk on ATMS (~3.9s MPL cooldown and ~4.75s for ATMs, including "missile duration").

    I haven't fitted a LTAG because it's not really worth it for a single ATM6 (or ATM9, because you are going to swap it for an MPL and free up 1.5 tons), mech is already very cool and in case of enemy ECM or AMS, it will become wasted tonnage. In case a brawl light will try to chase you, can run away and fire ATM while he is in your ATM optimal range for maximum damage. Just don't brawl against any pure brawl and try to maintain your social distance

    ALT: alpha oriented and waaay slower build. It fill more the "heavy boys support" role rather than solo / "light maphia harasser" role