Hunchback 4G --- 2AC5+2ML Fencepost

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    Take your standard Hunchback and give it some reach, if that's your thing. This build costs a little damage, but increases your likelihood to hit for at least half of the damage at long range. Heat management only necessary when both MLs are used. Works decently if you have a fast spotter in the lance. Configuration shown with standard gear.


    Adjustments: Switch to AC/2s and you can afford an LL in the RA with the same long damage, but less at mid. Or... just use a Blackjack?

    Pros: Almost the same cannon damage as the AC/20 but at long range, good heat efficiency.
    Cons: Hunchbacks are slow-ish, and this has only enough JJs to gain elevation. No shield arm unless you sacrifice one ML. Jagermech is far better in this role.

    Shock, I chuckled at your JM6 just now, since I had just tried out 3x AC/2s on a Hunchback last night. I like yours better.
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