Casual HSN-8P "Splatspawn" (2x ML, 4x SRM4+A, LE250)

Thread in 'HSN-8P' started by Ced Riggs, Dec 14, 2017.

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    While this has energy quirks, it's also your best chance at a splat build. Here goes nothing.


    > Link to Smurfy's
    > Link to Skill Tree

    ML produces less heat and matches SRMs for range. ASRM4 over SRM6 for faster cycle-rate and for (ab)using the deliciously low spread of IS SRMs. Your magical bay is empty, so, just go and blapp someone. Keep in mind this build doesn't have the Alpha of a 6x ASRM6 monster or something like that, but it'll wither someone down.

    The lasers are backup weapons, really.
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