Casual HSN-7D "Harasser" (2xLRM10, 3xERML, TAG, ECM, 2xJJ, XL295) + alts

Thread in 'HSN-7D' started by CarloArmato, Nov 4, 2019.

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    Run around with ECM to flank / backstab the enemy formation, keep on shooting until they turn around to face you, then flee and repeat. TAG will alleviate bad LRM spread (in fact, thanks to TAG LRMs will be boosted with a very similar if not identical spread buff) and counter ECM from a safe distance, while ERML on arms will provide both additional pinpointish damage as well as a minimal personal defence from fast lights or other harasser poking at you.

    There are actually a lot of possible alts, depending on the amount of speed, armor, precision and/or cooling you wish to achieve.

    Switched 0.5 ton of ammo for an additional JJ

    Artemis version with -1 DHS

    You can even drop TAG for an additional ERML

    4xERML + artemis

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