Casual HSN-7D "Annoying Bait" (2xLRM10, 3xMPL, 2xJJ, ECM, XL255) + alt (XL280, LRM10+A)

Thread in 'HSN-7D' started by CarloArmato, Nov 4, 2019.

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    I don't like mixed builds (even less LRM builds), but at least this one should work on paper.

    Run around alone and keep your distance from the main group, but if possible follow any other team mate that will attempt to flank the enemy formation.

    ALWAYS engage from flanks or attack from the rear: use your LRMs to annoy the enemy assaults or heavies, but try to no attract attention from fast mechs or brawlers (ECM will help for the a couple of seconds before they will spot you). If any piranha or other very light mech will come to attack you, switch your attention to it and use your MPLs to kill it. Pick your fights carefully: if any dedicated brawler with better tank will push you, flee back to your main formation or hide somewhere. Hopefully you won't die and you will have disrupted or wasted someone's time.

    As the title suggest, this mech is more about to annoying and baiting the enemy on you by attracting the enemy's attention and disrupting the enemy formation / firing line / attention to a low value target like you, because you are actually no real threat both at range (any pinpoint build will kill you fast) and in brawls (any dedicated brawl build will kill you)

    ALT: XL280 version without jump jets

    ALT: artemis version for maximum damage efficiency. Also on the plus side, with direct Line of Sight, you will achieve the same performance of LRM10 + TAG, and achieve even better precision when combined with TAG. It could prove useful on mechs with slim torsoes when looked from behind or front, like Marauder, bushwacker etc., or on any small light mech.

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