How to upload an аvаtаr?

Thread in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Trevorbix, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. Trevorbix

    Trevorbix New Member

    Hi, can you tell me how to upload an avatar?
  2. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    Hi, on the top right hover your mouse on your current avatar (left of "conversations"), click on avatar, then choose file to upload as your new avatar.

    Remember that you can't pick an avatar bigger than 200x200 pixels.
    I remember there was some limitation in the avatar size and the site was quite "silent" on this error... I remember I had to pick an image with a specific size, but I can't recall if it was 200x200 or smaller. Anyway, there is stated "It is recommended that you use an image that is at least 200x200 pixels."

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