Casual HMN-Prime "Streak Workaround" (3xcLRM20, 6xERuL, 1xTAG)

Thread in 'Huntsman Omni Builds' started by Remover of Obstacles, May 2, 2021.

  1. So let's compare 4x SSRM6s vs 2x LRM20
    (April 2021)
    4 hardpoints, 8 slots, 12 tons
    36 damage for 12.4 heat +3.09 ghost heat
    4.0 cooldown
    range 0-360 m

    2 hardpoints, 8 slots, 10 tons
    40 damage for 12 heat
    4.6 cooldown
    range 180-900 m*
    * some damage below 180 meters

    Yes, the velocity for LRMs is a bit slower. But the spread is better.

    (April 2021 ATM nerfs to 2.5 optimal range damage)
    2 hardpoints, 8 slots, 10 tons
    45 damage for 14 heat
    5.0 cooldown
    range 120-270 m
    mid range 36 damage for 14 heat
    max range 27 damage for 14 heat

    Until clan streaks get retuned, you are probably much better off just running LRMs. You can get some damage in much earlier in the match. For enemies, running out of SSRM range, LRMs will do full damage vs the streaks doing zero. For enemies at 150m or beyond, really not much difference. Inside of 150 m is tough for clan streakers this patch. SNPPCs, LPPCs, and the fast stealth mechs with radar derp make point blank streaking very hazardous.

    Also, more tonnage/hard points for back up weapons. Pick your favorite short ranged lasers for ankle biters. If you drop some ammo, you can get 6xERSL.

    For comparison.
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  2. Shock

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    While I think the rest of your analysis is quite good, I don't believe TAG makes any difference in spread for LRMs.
  3. I think you are correct. That did get changed in the last LRM overhaul, right?
    Thank you for catching that.

    It does negate stealth and help others. LRM spread will still be better than SSRM always assigning some missiles to go for arms and legs (even if behind cover).
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  4. ShooterMcGavin80

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    Looks solid for LRM spam fun. I'd go with a light tag for another 1/2 ton of ammo. Baradul has run a pretty similar build:

    But 3xLRM20 is also very nice. I'd say LRM's are also possibly a better ATM replacement right now.
  5. Totally agree. It was close before with available tonnage being a big factor. Latest changes are making LRMs even more appealing. Especially when looking at damage, weight, heat, number of missiles, and missile pathing.
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