Casual HLF-VO "Run N Gun" (1xcUAC20, 2xcHML, 3xcMPL, MASC, cXL300)

Thread in 'Void' started by Sgt Murphy, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Sgt Murphy

    Sgt Murphy New Member

    I've had some success with this build. Good peeking but it runs hot. Alpha will get you over 60% heat. I chose the 3 MPL's for fast movers instead of the usual HML's. No AMS however. Let me know what you think.

  2. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    Why not drop with 5xMPL instead of 3xMPL + 2xHML? You lose some alpha strike, but you greatly gain in DPS and damage application due to shorter burn time.

    Also, one thing to consider is that MPL has almost 4s cooldown (3s cooldown + 0.9s duration) so they pair up very well with LBX20 (4s cooldown), while AC20 has 4s cooldown + some additional duration to fire all the pellets (and UAC20 can jam, I personally hate clan jam chance).

    Without changing too much from your original build, I would run something like this: it is cooler, has very similar speed

    Max skills are required, especially for ammo (30 shots instead of 24 with max ammo skills)

    EDIT: scrap that LBX20 build, I've noticed now the -20% UAC20 quirk.
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  3. You are getting hit with a 7.2 ghost heat penalty for firing 5 clan mediums including a HML at the same time.
  4. renzor51

    renzor51 Advanced Member

    Yeah, I just came up with something similar, but I'm using all MPL's instead of HML's. Also, the Hellfire is squishy, so you don't want to be staring at opponents while those heavies burn. I also went with more UAC20 ammo though, because it goes fast.


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