Casual HGN-IIC-Keeper "Convergence" (2xcLBX20, 4xcSSRM6, XL325)

Thread in 'Keeper' started by Falconium, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Optimal damage range of the cLBX20s lines up perfectly with the cStreak range. The speeds of the two weapon types, however, do not converge very well, which is why running Streaks instead of SRMs can prove advantageous: you don't have to worry about part of your alpha missing at range because you led the target too much or too little to suit one of the weapon types. This way, the only direct-fire weapons are the ballistics.

    Lots of ammo, max speed, runs decently cool. Lots of crit damage, though limited direct-fire weaponry, so works best as a second-line. And the limited range supports that as well.

    Can drop a ton of ammo for a cAP if you're worried about ECM, but I do think the LBX20s provide enough damage that it's not necessary. It is ammo-reliant though, so you may want to pick up enough Weapon skills for at least one Magazine node.