HBK-IIC-B "U R homing, go drunk" (3xcATM9, 1xcSSRM6, 1xcLTAG, 1xcFL, cAP, 2xJJ, cXL255)

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    Original title: YAPB - Yet Another Poptart Build

    Stick with your group, pop a UAV when you think the enemy is in range than start jumping and spraying your target with ATMs.

    SSRM6 is both for additional DPS / alfa and self defense, especially versus very fast approaching targets.

    Flamer is for self defense when someone tries to hugh you thinking that he will be safe. Best case scenario he can't fire back at you and your team mates will take care of him.

    About skills, you must get the additional missile ammo: with +20% additional ammo, you will have 6 ton worth of ATM ammo (20 ATMs alfa strikes) and 120 SSRM ammo (20 SSRM strikes)
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