HBK-IIC-B 'SUPPLIES' (1xcATM12, 3x ATM9, cTAG, cXL275)

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  1. Like a flying kick to the face.
    Second line, close support for scouting.
    Fire 3xATM9s for max alpha without ghost heat. If you lose a side, you still have 2xATM9s. Which isn't bad.

    Very gimmicky, but a very good chance to remove an enemy mech from the brawl in the opening salvo. You can fire ATMs without locks, but try to avoid using this mech on city maps.

    If something swarms you, ignore and fire away at another target in optimal range and soak as much damage as you can.

  2. One night of testing. Results were all over the place.
    Only had one shot at the Locust, but got the solo kill on it.
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    Any weapon with a minimum range is going to be tough to use in scouting where the engagement range is so frequently point blank
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  4. Completely agree.
    But what if you had two ATM boats 300 meters apart.... ha, ha.

    After a fair amount of ATM testing lately, I switched to a variant of Better Scorch (https://www.mechspecs.com/threads/mcii-2-better-scorch-2xclbx20-4xcsrm6-a-xl350.12347/). It really put in perspective how finicky the ATMs are to use.

    It was so easy to use. No locks, no minimum range, heat is fine, didn't need a tag to get decent damage spread, no active probe.
    ECM mech with stealth armor - Bam! - gone - not a problem.
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    QP safe version?
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