Scouting HBK-GI "TrollBerry" (1xHGR, 1xML, LAMS, STD225) + alt

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    Heavy Gauss Rifle Tonberry Grid Iron returns. This time, it packs more ammo for even more KAPOW.

    Heavy Gauss Hunchback is best hunchback: 25 pinpoint damage upclose and 15 damage at 500 meters are very scary and proved to be an excellent frightening weapon, even if there are more efficient build at killing stuff (e.g.: laser wolverine). Don't push, try to avoid brawl early on and keep on spamming that huge cannon.

    Best used in pack with friends, so the LAMS protection will shoot down almost any LRMs and ATMs and the constant barrage of Heavy Gauss Rifles will threaten ANYTHING out of cover.
    Medium laser as a backup weapons is almost useless, but it adds the zombie feature (so you won't be completely useless once the torso pops) as well as a bit of non-sense and fun.

    Skill: almost the same as the Grid Iron "Tonberry" (1xHGauss, 3xERSL, AMS, STD225) + alts (PUG)
    Skill tree here
    Max cooldown, max range, max ammo, skill into armor, max AMS overload, max speed tweak, some radar depravation, full seismic (for those situations were you already popped a UAV but you can't see it, or when they are covered by a rooftop). Swap radar depravation and / or seismic sensors for consumables or additional armor as you please. Advanced zoom could be good to punish people overheating in front of you or after they tried to snipe you.

    ALT: switch LAMS for AMS and half ton of ammo, so you can fit a full 4th ton of HGR and fully exploit the ammo skills.
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