Casual HBK-4P "Revenge of the Single(HS)" (1xLL, 6xERML, TC1, XL255) + alts

Thread in 'HBK-4P' started by CarloArmato, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Coolest meta vomit laser build ever made. You can't achieve the same heat efficiency with a LE and DHS

    And unluckily there is consequently no point to use an XL275 with SHS: you achieve the same cooling efficiency with the LE DHS build

    Why XL? Because if you lose a side torso, you ain't gonna nowhere anyway.
    Right torso loss? 1 ERML to fire
    Left torso loss? -4 engine HS and -6 SHS... The remaining HS won't be able to sustain the whole build

    Why this build? Because you can alpha strike 3 to 5 times without overheating, depending on the map... Seriously, though, 5 times in cold maps and 3 times in very hot maps.

    Replace TC1 with armor if you feel you are too squishy or you get Headshotted too often.

    ALT: XL255 with AMS, because why the hell not? It does have the same cooling efficiency that the LE275 version but has missile protection
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