Casual HBK-4P "Hunch da Woop" (8xML, 1xLL, XL275) +alt (ERML)

Thread in 'HBK-4P' started by CarloArmato, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. CarloArmato

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    Fully exploiting the +2 HSML quirk, so you need 9xML to trigger ghostheat, best used as a medium to short range laser brawler and poker.

    ALT: to fully exploit geometry and ERML extended range, 1xLL + 7xERML + TC1 seems the most reasonable option due to the fact 8xERML are really hot and the 8th laser is on the "wrong" side, so I prefer TC1.
    I'm not sure the +2 MLHS group will worh with ERML too, though.
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  2. ShiverMeRivets

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    I saw the patch notes and realized that this mech is currently on sale so I quickly bought one :)

    8 medium lasers is a bit excessive I think - gameplay-wise. I sure as hell am going to exploit the most of it ;), but I don’t think that adding these +HSL is a good idea. It is not as if this mech is the worst medium in the IS.

    Waiting to test these builds after the patch goes live.

    Does this +2HSL work on medium pulses as well?
  3. Shock

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    Don't know and with PGI we won't know for sure until the patch goes live
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  4. CarloArmato

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    Theoretically it doesn't apply to ERML and MPL, but we have seen what happend to 3xHPPC Awesome and their exceuse "we'll keep it as it is and see if forums will catch on fire"

    About build fitting too many ML, there is no "I'm fitting too many lasers": provided you are keeping a cooling efficiency greater than 40% (thanks to DHS rework) the bigger the alpha, the better.

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