HBK-4P “New Meta Version X” (8x ERML, TC1, STD275)

Thread in 'HBK-4P' started by Lorgot, Jan 19, 2019.

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    Based on the patch notes, could be something worth looking into, especially if includes erMeds, meaning if you wanted to, you could mix reg and er
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    I came up with this same build too, but I didn't fit a TC1 due to lack of armor to strip away. 28 armor on each leg is really low: if a lucky AC20 / gauss will hit one of your legs, a smart mechwarrior will possibly find out and exploit such low armor.

    I think it's best to keep most lasers on the right side so you can completely and safely shield using your left side.

    With your build:
    • if you lose your right side, you are left with 2xERML and 17 DHS total
    • if you lose your left side, side, you are left with 7xERML and 13 DHS total
    Instead, if you move that single ERML and 2xDHS on the right arm:
    • if you lose the right side, you are left with 1x ERML and 15 DHS total
    • if you lose the left side, you still have a full 8xERML alpha strike and lose only 4 DHS (15 remaining)
    There is also the added benefit of full alpha strike when poking from the right side, so you don't have to fully expose your mech.
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