Griffin-1S "Rocket Mule" (2x SRM6, 4x MLas, AMS, STD295)

Thread in 'GRF-1S' started by Mesamune, May 20, 2014.

  1. Mesamune

    Mesamune New Member

    Sticking with my brawling game plan this one runs a little hotter but having the weapons on opposite sides mean you spend less time as a Popsicle

    a nice tight precision 20 dmg from the lasers with a 24 dmg splat from the left torso. Its just mean in close spaces. Useless at long range or caught out in the open though.

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  2. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    XL edition, with +A for longer, more accurate shooting. Also got rid of the AMS since this is fast now, you can put it back at the cost of some JJ.
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