Scouting Grid Iron "Tonberry" (1xHGauss, 3xERSL, AMS, STD225) + alts (PUG)

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    EDIT4: Casual build edited to make it worth for Scout games. Originally it was a troll build, but damn, it works very well in the right hands. This is NOT a noob friendly build: it requires some aiming skills to be used properly.

    You can find 4 variants here, mainly:
    • Double Heat Sink (DHS) version:
      • Scout (AMS, armor stripped a lot)
      • Public Group / Solo Queues (Cheapest approach from 1st build)
    • Single Heat Sink (SHS) version:
      • Scout (pure approach do damage and tank)
      • Public Group / Solo Queues (slightly less armor, +1 ton ammo)

    Let's get started with DHS and scout:

    • 21 shots with ammo skills
    • Quite good armor tank
    • 78.3 km/h with max speed tweak
    • 15 pinpoint damage at 500 meters
    • AMS is actually quite usefull when combined with AMS overload nodes, especially against ATMs.
    • Very cool and flamer proof (simply don't fire your lasers once near to 70% heat).
    • Overall -20% Heavy Gauss cooldown: with skill nodes it will become 5 s - 1.6 s of cooldown (without considering the 0.75 s charge up time, but this charge time can't be remove or reduced from any mech or variant)
    From great Pros, come great Cons:
    • If you miss a shot, you waste 3/4th of your potential alpha strike
    • The heavy gauss torso is huge: protect it from other pinpoint builds, otherwise other skillfull players will focus and destroy it in little time despite being heavily armored
    • You are not extremely good at brawling like specific SRM brawler (they do have better DPS and alfa strike): try to keep your distance to avoid fire or spread incoming damage as much as you can. 150-250 meters is the sweet spot: pinpoint the damage to the CT and watch your target reconsidering its own push.
    With a coordinated group, you can literally annihilate the CT of any medium mech within seconds.

    Recommended skill tree: ignore operations, get every range and cooldown node in firepower, get most of the armor in survival (armor > structure, because of quirks and structure won't prevent Heavy Gauss explosion), get every speed tweak. A single gauss charge node is recommended, but not mandatory

    ALT - DHS PUG / Solo: +1 ton heavy gauss ammo
    Simplest alt: swap AMS and the AMS ammo with a ton of gauss ammo. Not very well suited for PUG and solo queues due to armor values, but it can do the trick... In fact, it would probably be better to switch from ERSL to 2xML and even add some armor if possible, but it would become a somewhat different build rather than an ALT.

    ALT - SHS, Scout: rocket 10, highest armor values
    Additional 20 damage one shot alpha strike with rocket: use it for additional quickscopes lols, but I didn't find very worth it over an AMS and, most importantly, the loss of DHS. You will overheat on terra terma or caustic valley if you keep on firing the ERSL, so this version IS a troll build. Don't take it too seriously as it turned out quite disappointing in hot maps. Any other map will probably be slightly better than the DHS version.
    It can even work in PUG, which led me to the final alt

    ALT - SHS, PUG / solo: single HS, +1 ton ammo, good armor
    Similar to the scout build, but with half ton of armor stripped and +1 ton of ammo. Trash the rocket launcher: 7*25 dmg each slugs are your best bet.

    For those who haven't ever played Final Fantasy: Tonberry is a recurring monster in the saga which is small, slowly walks toward the player party and once is finally in range, it can deal a massive amount of damage with a single strike... Which is basically the intention of this mech with the Heavy Gauss.

    Since is slow as a heavy mech (or a fast assault), I have added an LAMS for enhanced survivability, but this build is more like a troll build than a reliable or well balanced loadout. Works best against other mech armed with Gausses or to focus components
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    Updated thread for scouting. This thing can really murder people, believe me
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    BUMP: 3rd version of the build (and probably the final).

    If you are IS, now you should really consider this build, especially if you have other friends whom can bring the very same build... Trust me, you won't regret it if you are good at aiming. Just watch the "proof of concept": in the first video we were 3 guys with the same build.
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    BUMP: operation "Make Hunchback great again" completed. Enjoy the alts and bring this beast even in PUG / Solo drops
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