Casual Grid Iron "Right-eous" ( 1xGauss, 1xHPPC, XL235 )

Thread in 'Grid Iron' started by CarloArmato, Aug 7, 2017.

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    EDIT: the first version / iteration had an XL225 engine. After a couple of games I found out that this mech was too slow to move around despite mobility maxed out. For this reason, I decided to move on to a XL235 for better speed and acceleration at the cost of 0.5 tons of ammo. You can compensate with skills and with maxed ammo skills you will still rarely use them all.

    You have everything on your right torso and you can deal 30 damage pinpoint at 500 m with skills. Pretty good for a 50 ton, but the very low HPPC on the arm is quite awful sometimes. Just stick with your team and focus on components.
    Since this mech is quite slow due to the low rating of the engine, you have to compensate with skills, especially the kinetic burst and hard brake for better acceleration and deceleration to minimize your exposure time.

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