Casual GRF-2N "Cat Ghost" (2xERML, 4xSSRM4, ECM, JJ, SA, XL280)

Thread in 'GRF-2N' started by Ch_R0me, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. Ch_R0me

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    Intended for going "quiet" around battlefield and pick up enemy lights. Would be a bit better if we had EC (Endo Composite)...

  2. Shock

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    Stealth armor isn't a very good mix with Streaks as you can't get a lock with Stealth on unless you're in the enemy's lap. Also, that's probably way more ammo than you need. But if you want to keep the Stealth, I recommend going with a mod like this

  3. Please consider using a TAG to counter a stealth enemy.

    I have to recommend using a build with streaks without it. It is very common to have multiple stealth lights in a match.
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