Casual GRF-1S "Not the BEES!!" (1xMRM40, 4xML, LFE280)

Thread in 'GRF-1S' started by renzor51, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. renzor51

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    Just playing around with Griffin ideas while contemplating the Griffin Mastery Bundle. The champion version of this chassis is included. This build works well with the quirks.

    Alt sacrificing some verticality for an AMS:
  2. Lorgot

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  3. ShiverMeRivets

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    I would do it this way:

    I feel MRM 30 is just as effective as MRM40 except at point blank - it has less spread and lower cooldown than the 40. 2 tons of ammo is usually enough for MRM30 after ammo capacity skills. With 2.5 tons you even have spare.
    The tons gained went into a 300 rated engine and another DHS for glorious heat management. If you use the JJs a lot you will feel the difference.
    Moved 2 JJs to crit-pad the ammo in the legs. A total of 3 is plenty for a 55 tonner.

    You can lose the extra DHS and use the ton for something else - extra ammo, 4th JJ, TC1, not a huge difference either way.

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