Campaign Grasshopper 5H --- 4ML+6FL+ Flamin' Hot Shutdown

Thread in 'Grasshopper' started by Toastygawa, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Toastygawa

    Toastygawa New Member

    This build is only viable in Campaign or Career using upgraded components. It uses the Grasshopper's absurd number of Support hardpoints, plus High Damage Arm Mods. The 4 MLs it sports barely count toward its damage, only being used on approach.

    I call it One Punch Man. It causes immediate shutdown of an enemy mech, unless in Polar environment. Sadly, the flamers have only 4 ammo apiece, but if you are on a Lance Vs Lance mission, then you own it. Also, the high damage mods allow it to continue to be effective in subsequent fights, after the Flamers run down.


    Adjustment: SLs are better by far, but you've really got to try this thing.

    Pros: Fast for a heavy, more survivable than stock, and you get to imagine cooking your pirate enemy in his cockpit.
    Cons: Uses Flamers, which only hold 4x shots. No Long-Range weapons or shield arm. Only 100 dmg in brawl range. Not effective without upgraded Flamers.
  2. Shock

    Shock Patron of the Underdog

    I've noticed in a lot of your builds, you run a lot of back armor. I don't typically run more than 25-30 in each location. Do you often find yourself needing that much back armor?
  3. Toastygawa

    Toastygawa New Member

    I need it rarely, but I'm glad to have it as an option. The melee mechs need it more often, since they are in tight with the enemy.

    In early campaign during my first playthrough, I made the starting Blackjack into a dedicated Fire Support model, using a LL++ (lucky drop so early) in place of the MLs and some armor from the backside. I was destroying a light/medium lance one day, and Darius announces that he's picking up a new sensor trace of enemy reinforcements. The next turn, a Jenner shows up and lights me up with a crit to ammo stores, wrecking my Blackjack with an Alpha from behind. I took it all personally, since that was an ancestral mech, yadda yadda.

    Since then, I've kept at least a modicum of armor on my back sides. On the rare occasion that one of my mechs gets close to losing torso components, I might have them sprint away. In such a case, I love having 40-50 armor rating on a heavy mech's backside.

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