Casual GHR-5P "Poppie Brawlie v2" (2xHPPC, 4xERSL, 2xMPL, 3xJJ, LE300)

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    5P counterpart of GHR-5H "Poppie Brawlie" (2xHPPC, 4xERSL, 1xMPL, 3xJJ, LE300) and direct competitor of GHR-5H "Poppie Wubbie" (2xHPPC, 5xMPL, 2xJJ, XL300)
    Due to the fact you can torso mount all lasers, you can completely strip off one arm and some armor to achieve a less slot consuming LE, fit an additional JJ and still manage to achieve a good alpha strike (4xERSL + 2xMPL, is the equivalent of 4xMPL)

    It's overall hotter compared to a 5H, but it is manageable if you are not trigger happy or alpha-panic often. Also, compared to "Poppie Wubbie", it manages to finally trade a MPL in favor of a 3rd JJ without losing the overall 16 DHS count.

    ALT: DHS simmetric version, but you can't tank anymore 2xGR on your cockpit

    ALT 2: you can convert all lasers to SPL, but it has been already covered in another build. Also, increased range of ERSL and MPL stacks "decently" with the range quirk.
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