GHR-5H "Wubhopper" (2x LPL, 5x MPL, 4x JJ, 325XL, 16 DHS)

Thread in 'GHR-5H' started by Eugee, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Eugee

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    Max armor (minus head-shave for even tonnage), full JJ, with LPLs in the arms, and 5x MPL in the torso. Simple and effective design. Even with the ML cooldown quirk, 5x MPL is better than 5x ML in every aspect except DPS/Ton, and the GHR has plenty of spare tonnage.

    5x MPL: 11.11 dmg/sec, 1.71 dmg/heat, 6.48 heat/sec, 30 dmg/volley, 1.11 DPS/ton, 2.22 DPS/slot
    5x ML: 10.42 dmg/sec, 1.43 dmg/heat, 7.29 heat/sec, 25 dmg/volley, 2.08 DPS/ton, 2.08 DPS/slot
  2. Excalibaard

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    I'd put the LPLs in the high torso mounts personally.

    Made a modification to run the XL340 that comes with the champion version.

    OR you just cut out the JJs entirely:


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