Meme GHR-5H "PPC lover" (2xERPPC, 3xSNPPC, 2xJJ, XL325) + alt (XL300)

Thread in 'GHR-5H' started by CarloArmato, Apr 20, 2021.

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    Theory crafting for 20th april 2021 patch

    Poptart using ER PPCs, if it will ever come down to a brawl, user your triple SNPPCs to fend off any attacker. ER PPCs should be high mounted, all SNPPCs should be low mounted.

    ALT: downgrade to XL300 for max armor but -1 DHS, but it should be manageable if you don't alpha strike or fire everything very often.

    ALT: or even better, downgrade to XL295, downgrade to standard armor, downgrade some armor and fit overall +1 JJ and +1 DHS while still achieving good shield arms.
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