Casual GAR-Prime "Bronx" (6xcMPL, 9xERuL)

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  1. Guard dog mech for most of match until you can close and bring all the lasers to bear.

    No ghost heat for an alpha and the duration of the ER micro lasers fits nicely within the MPL duration.

    The nine micro lasers are heat neutral.

    (Extra CT armor over extra micro laser for Prime instead of D CT)
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    Your laser optimization builds always bring some excitement :) Time to pick up a Gargoyle!
  3. Don't get too excited. It is still a Gargoyle. :)
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    I am fully aware and prepared for the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.
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    Been looking for a replacement build for Mr. Gargles since the SPL days. This 6MPL and 9-10 er micro laser build is great. The right hand makes a great DPS Poker, and then when targets are close the 9-10 Micros come out and still pretty cool on heat!

    My Optimized Version with GAR-D CT
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