FS9-S "Perspective" (2x ERLL, 5x SL, 1x JJ, XL255)

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Thread in 'FS9-S' started by Sjorpha, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Sjorpha

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    Left side for sniping, right side for knife fighting, and a 33 point alpha for the finishing blow.
    Doesn't run nearly as hot as it looks on paper when you play the weapons in their separate ranges, though it is a build best suited for a fully elited mech.

    Weapon groups:
    1. ERLLx2
    2. SLx5
    3. ERLLx2 + SLx2 (arm weapons for when you need freehand aiming at close range, like from a rooftop directly above someone)
    4. SLx5 chainfired
    5. ERLL chainfired

    A bit complex but very satisfying build that takes full advantage of the ERLL quirks without giving up the ability to mix it up close when needed, and the extra module slot also gives it a hi tech feel with 3 mech modules mastered. (I use Radar derp, adv. Zoom, adv. Seismic, ERLL range & cooldown)

    Best suited to run behind the pack sniping from the flanks and doing hit and runs into the brawl to pick off wounded limbs or finishing enemies from behind.


    I also have a speedy version with 1 ERLL+TAG which is fun, but I think the first is the better build.
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  2. Evvo

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    One of the better performing FS9 builds. Heavier long range poke while still keeping good close range dps. Fills the heat gap hole with 1ERLL+SL build trading close range dps with long range poke but has a lower engine rating so not as agile. Reliable.
    Top dmg after a few games: 800 (not avg. or max)