FNR-5E "Harmless Bunny" (4xLRM5, 2xHGR, STD300)

Thread in 'FNR-5E' started by Fluffybunnys, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Fluffybunnys

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    Pretty much support as much as you can with this build,it's an all rounder.Just bare in mind you are ammo reliant.
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  2. Fluffybunnys

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    I'm new to this website and still trying to work my way around feel free to notify me if something is wrong with the thread.(sorry for the poor English it's not my main language)
  3. Lorgot

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    Slightly shorter range, but uses all quirks
    Make sure to use uac20 separately, like when one is jammed.
    Personally don’t enjoy this build but this is my take on it
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  4. Excalibaard

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    @Fluffybunnys Welcome! I've fixed your title to the standard we try to use on the site :) (Guide in the FAQ)
    Also: you only need to post the "Plain Link" on the forum, the API will turn it into a nice card.
    For the rest your thread looks fine!

    On to the build: I don't like the LRMs. I understand the idea is to have some reach with the dual HGR, but that's not necessary. HGR have a 5x drop off range, so can deal damage up to 1100m. It's not very efficient beyond 600m, but still plenty of range. LRMs promote passive play and are very slow missiles, thus easily countered by even a single AMS. With their weight, it also means you're taking too little HGR ammo. only 12 shots total :(

    Instead, I'd suggest adding Rocket Launchers for even more burst, or SRMs if you wish to have more sustained backup for the HGRs, you'll want to get as close as possible for their ideal damage range anyway. MRMs would also be fun, but that's too heavy, spacious, and spread imo.
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  5. A little shaving here (engine) and there (armor) for more ammo.
    Trade the CT ammo for LRM/HG per your preference.
    The heat profile looks good and you can use skills to up the ammo count.
    Most shots at brawling range are going to hit torsos, so I think I can live with less armor on the arms.
    Consider chain firing the LRMs at short range (180-400) for shake if no AMS is around.
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