Casual FNR-5 "Ultra Fluke" (2xAC10, 2xLGR, ECM, STD295)

Thread in 'FNR-5' started by CarloArmato, Jun 8, 2021.

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    Theory crafted, to be tested

    So, I was reading @The Brewer FNR-5 "Super Fluke" (2xLGR, 2xLB10-X, 2xCASE, BAP, ECM, STD295) when I suddenly noticed he placed CASE in those side torsoes... So you can go full pinpoint by swapping LBX10 with AC10.

    Build is extremely cool, low on ammo but has a nasty 40 damage pinpoint... It's basically a variant of the more common 2xUAC10 + 2xAC5 build, this time with a focus on pinpoint and reliability instead of burst DPS.

    Skill wise, I would choose max range, max cooldown, get some velocity, max survivability, max ECM, get advanced zoom (you could / should spam LGR at longer ranges).
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    BRB I'ma go try this. Thanks!


    Interesting note - Whereas the LBX/LGR combo puts the LGR in the upper torso mounts, this loadout puts the LGRs at the bottom. Keep this in mind when letting the LGRs off. Ammo count has wiggle room, there's plenty of free slots to split a half-ton for either set of guns if one wants to change it. Skilled up, it seems to be enough. I made 2 KMDDs, 11 assist, and nearly 700 damage on its first optimized run.

    Having looked at this more closely in MechLab, this loadout is rather shrewd - quad AC10s won't fit, and quad LGRs can't all be fired at once... but here it is, 40 pinpoint damage and a fast recycle time for, near as makes no difference, no heat at about 500m. It did not take long to adjust firing times for the velocity difference, either - I find it easier to time than the quad LGR, frankly. My skill tree for the LBX one wasn't all that different from optimal for this, either, so if one wants to swap between skill trees on the same Mech the investment isn't huge.

    Good work, Carlo. Meta-ish indeed.
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