FLE-FA "Hot Foot" (6xMG, 3xFlamer, MASC, XL170)

Thread in 'FLE-FA' started by Mako275, Mar 20, 2019.

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    This is one of my favorite mechs to run in the game. Period.

    This is nearly the stock loadout. Just a bit more optimized. You are not a Piranha, or a Mist Lynx. So it took me a little to get the hang of it. I play this in two ways. Either join up with another light (Piranha or the like) for some backstabbing fun. In that case your job is to shutdown your target while they panic fire. The other way to play is to wait with your team until a brawl starts. Then zip in and flame someone, maybe pepper with MG to get them to panic thinking it's a Piranha. When they turn after you, it's time to leave. MASC outta there and repeat. Sometimes they just ignore you so you can perma lock them with flamers.

    You can run into ammo issues even after the skill tree. So beware of that and don't waste it. You're not going to churn through the back of an Atlas unless he's got nothing there. Wait until later in the match. Then you're indispensable.

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