Casual DWF-UV/B "Chestburster" (2xcUAC20, 10xcMPL)

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  1. Once this Facehugger gets on you, it is all over except for the screaming.

    Weapon Group 1 - Left Side UAC20 and 5 MPL
    Weapon Group 2 - Right Side UAC20 and 5 MPL


    C-Bill version

    Only loses out on 8 extra armor on one side torso.

    Hardpoint positions
    Using the hero pods moves the medium lasers up allowing a better hill poke.
    The bottom 4 medium lasers in the arms are prone to rock shooting with the C-Bill version.
    Side poking favors having the UAC20 in the arm.
    Unfortunately with the UAC20s in the arms, ammo needs to be put in the STs...
    Or you can frankenstein it and use only the LT UV omnipod.
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  2. Trial runs.

    Only for fun runs. Too slow to play as anything but a positioning challenge and hot brawl suicide machine.



    Plenty of ammo left for more damage.
    Some internal damage.

  3. Using -5% heat omnipod

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