Casual DWF-C "Twice Ghosted" (2xcHAG40, 3xcERLL, 1xJJ, cECM)

Thread in 'Ultraviolet Builds' started by Remover of Obstacles, Nov 8, 2023.


    All the ghost heat, but a pretty solid long range salvo.
    Separate the Hags or chainfire the ERLLs when you get warm to avoid some heavy ghost heat penalties.

    WG1 - 2x HAG40, 3x ERLL
    WG2 - 2x HAG40 (precharge before poking to sync with ERLLs)
    WG3 - 1x HAG left side
    WG4 - ERLL chainfire
    WG5 - 1x HAG, 2x ERLL (start with this, then go to WG1 to avoid GH)
    WG6 - 1x HAG right side
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