Casual DWF-C "Troll of Eight" (2xcERPPC, 2xcLRM20, 1xcLRM10, 4xcSPL, ECM) set

Thread in 'Dire Wolf Omni Builds' started by ShooterMcGavin80, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. ShooterMcGavin80

    ShooterMcGavin80 Advanced Member

    If you're committed to using all the hardpoints on a set-of-8 build, I think this is a possible solid route to go.

    Are they caught in the open? LRM them. LRM50 is not bad and will melt armor rapidly. Are they trying to peak from cover? 2xERPPC combined with 3xJJ makes for a possible greatest of sights on the battlefield... a pop tarting 100 tonner. Maybe even better with the JJ buff. Is a cheeky medium or light rushing you? 2xERPPC + 4xSPL makes you capable of handling any of those little chumps.

    Hot. but workable. You're probably not going to be using the SPL's while LRM'ing.

    If not doing a set-of-8, probably the best use of the C is to get the ECM on your other favorite DWF builds. (i.e., 2xUAC10, 3xUAC5, or 8xAC2).
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  2. Matt

    Matt New Member

    This is a pretty fun build, unless your team Nascars then your SOL.
    But overall I'm liking it.

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