DWF-C "Starkiller Base" (1xcGR, 5xcERLL, 1xJJ, TC1, ECM and 2xcGR, 5xcERLL Alt))

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  1. Starkiller

    A variation from the 6x ERLL builds out there with ECM and a jumpjet. Grabbing both prime side torsos for heat quirks. You can side poke, but Dire Wolves leave a lot of body exposed anyway.

    Weapon Groups
    1. 3x ERLL and GR
    2. 2x ERLL and GR (I pick head and top/interior arm)
    3. GR
    4. ERLL Chainfire

    Typically, I will use groups 1 and 2 and you can keep up fire for a while.
    Interestingly enough, with full skills, you can survive an alpha (at least according to testing grounds). If holding still and not on a bad map, you may even take no damage. Moving at full speed will make that a lot more risky.

    If you are ok with the heat, you can shave armor and a heat sink for a TC3 and boost that range.

    With good firing discipline, you can add another gauss rifle.
    Good CT Convergence
    Good Heat Quirks

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  2. The Alpha version with double gauss isn't too bad in the right circumstances.
    It is too slow to get much end of match damage in. :(

    Ended match low on ammo with minimal internal damage. I gotta say it was a good day.
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