DV-8D "Interdictor" (3x LrgPulseLasers)

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    <Click here for MechDB setup>

    Three large lasers, heavy armor, full jump jets, and good heat reduction allow you do solid medium range damage and take a bit of a beating. With full jump jets on this medium mech, you've got a moderate to small size profile and good maneuverability.

    I recommend 20 into Operations maxing out Heat Containment and Cool Run. 33 into Survival, taking everything but the two points in AMS overload. Also 7 into Auxiliary to max out Cool Shot (I run one UAV and two Cool Shot). The rest spend as you wish.

    I used this mech in the War Cry Mech Challenge to earn '20 Kills In A Dervish Mech'. It does well on pretty much any map and is really simple to play. The one negative is that it will cost you some C-Bills to purchase the XL engine, but other than that it should be easy to build.

    Let me know how it works for you, I'm really enjoying this setup and have gotten up to five killing blows and 700+ damage in matches. You'll find yourself getting kills with low amounts of damage sometimes because you're able to really punch holes into armor and get kills when they're still at a high percentage.

    Note: This was originally done on a DV-6M but works the exact same with the DV-8D.

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