Casual DRG-1G "MaxPeakPC" (2xHPPC, 1xPPC, XL300)

Thread in 'DRG-1G' started by ShooterMcGavin80, May 5, 2021.

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    I tried the 3xSNPPC + SRM build. While fun and I had one or two decent games with it, on balance the lack of range made it a bit lackluster.

    So here we are baby, PPC boating. You have to stagger the arm mounted PPC, but it is relatively easy to get an alpha off. I found this build much more enjoyable. You play as a 2nd line mech in your formation, but you have enough armor to share for peaks. 40 pinpoint is nasty. The HPPC high mounts are good, but be careful with convergence on the arm mount, it can be tricky sometimes.

    Light mechs can push you, so stick with team mates. Not as hot a build as it seems to appear. You can alpha without overheating. Hurts your DPS, but possible for midrange snap shots where you have cooldown potential.
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