DRG-1C "Drag on" (1LB10X, 3SNPPC, XL265)

Thread in 'DRG-1C' started by ShiverMeRivets, Apr 24, 2021.

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    The new DRG-1G is nice and all, but nearly all its builds can be done on the DRG-1C that has 2 shoulder and 2 arm energy hardpoints, while also a ballistic arm. The only thing 1G has that 1C doesn't is a 2nd missile hardpoint in the CT.

    Anyway, this build abuses the new SNPPC after the Cauldron patch with its much reduced heat and ghost heat limit of 3. With an alpha of 40 and significant cooldown quirks you will be limited by heat, but after skills it becomes quite manageable. Carry cools shots for emergencies.

    It is XL, but since all your damage is PPFLD and the Dragon has good mobility, you can spread the incoming damage quite well (and lots of armor quirks too). I put the LBX ammo in the arm because we now get CASE for 0 tons, so I think this is the way to go now - crit pad the LB10X and if ammo explosion happens, you only lose the arm with no damage transfer, leaving you with the 3SNPPCs.

    (The linked build still shows the pre-patch heat values for the SNPPC)

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