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Thread in 'Dragon' started by dragoon20005, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. dragoon20005

    dragoon20005 New Member

    currently I have like 21 mill C-bills sitting in the bank

    but currently i am in a fork on the road

    my grinding days of C-Bills is pretty much using the Direwolf-B trial mech with the Stromcrow trial mech as well

    so pretty much the decision to make here is either get the Direwolf B chassis which cost 17 mill

    or go with triple Dragon chassis and basic upgrade them with Endo steel, DHS and AMS and master them

    Help a fellow pilot?

    Pilot skill i may get with GXP now is the Advance zoom as I go for long range snipe shots

  2. Riscy

    Riscy Benefactor

    Well my 2 cents, for grinding c-bills and levelling a useful mech you are better off buying either Stormcrows or Timberwolfs. If you are low on cash you can make the most of the build as is (i.e. don't get other omnipods) and then max/min the chassis. Grind the first chassis, then by the end of basics you should be close to being able to afford your second chassis, rinse and repeat. The other advantage of buying the Stormcrow is you will be able to unlock some XP from your trial days.

    Or start with lights like Arctic Cheetahs or Firestarters which are pretty cheap and you could be levelling two chassis at the same time. But you need to be good at backstabbing to make c-bills with lights.

    As far as GXP, I wouldn't buy Advanced Zoom, its a waste of time, it makes it harder to lead targets (my personal opinion). So unless you are a camping 2xERPPC,2cGauss Direwolf don't buy it. I would unlock Seismic first, then Radar Derp. After that start unlocking weapon cooldown modules for your favourites. But modules are a c-bill sink and you are better off getting one chassis of each weight class fully mastered then start dropping c-bills on modules.
  3. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    1) Clan mechs are far too expensive to choose as first mechs. The grind to be able to purchase additional ones simply to be able to level them will be grim and frustrating.

    2) Dragons are very special. Don't do as a beginner. Simply don't! Search the forums about them, you need a special skill set for them and excellent map knowledge to play into their strenghts and to avoid their obvious weaknesses. I'd go with Hunchbacks instead which are excellent mechs even with STD engines as some of them are heavily overquirked at the moment. Take 4G, 4J and 4SP for example and work your way throuh them. Best investment money-wise would be 30 days of premium time. If you want to commit a bit more, take a look at the IS trial mechs, try them and maybe you're able to figure out a chassis you like and where you can imagine getting the chassis' hero mech.

    3) Light Mechs are NOT cheap. They require a big XL engine (295 / 300) to function properly as well as all or nearly all of the upgrades. Only do if you're willing to invest in a mech bundle (Firestarters recommended for IS).

    4) Dig through this forum. There is a beginner's guide for mech buying hidden somewhere (don't have the time to dig for it atm, but use the search function) which shows how to save on engines - which will be the most expensive stuff to get beside the upgrades on any variant you purchase.

    5) Modules are considered 'end game content' at the moment and are a huge CBill sink indeed. Advanced Zoom is crap and can lead to awkward moments. Don't do. Radar Depreviation and Seismic Sensor are your best bets for GXP, but those are 6 millions each, so I'd rather save my money for some mechs / variants and learn all the details of the games first.

    That's it for the moment. Please feel free to come back for more questions!
  4. Durandal

    Durandal Min-Max Maniac

    An additional note for GXP:

    First, I'll agree that Radar Derp and Seismic Sensor should be your first two module unlocks (they are THE best modules out there 99% of the time), but you might also look into the consumable upgrades for Arty/Air Strike, UAV, and Cool Shot, which make the cbill versions equal in strength to the MC versions, and that can be a helpful passive increase. I made the mistake of getting Advanced Zoom long ago, and can tell you it was a waste of time. I had VERY limited use on it when the 8 ERLL Dire Wolf was still a usable mech (before the burn time nerf long ago), but other than that, it was a waste of a module purchase. I picked up the consumable boosters early though, and never regretted that. They've served me well.
  5. dragoon20005

    dragoon20005 New Member

    thanks for the reply

    it looks like the advice from both MWO forums and here are avoid the Dragon unless you have C-Bills to burn

    Go with Timberwolf or Stormcrows

    and new info i picked up is getting Radar Depreviation and Seismic Sensor instead of Advance Zoom

    and also for the Primes to earn bonus C-Bills

    I need to get the Clan Invasion Pack version

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