Death's Knell "Pilot Serenity Build" (1xERPPC, 2xML, XL200)

Thread in 'Death's Knell' started by PilotSerenity, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Modified everything, removing my posts last June when I began studying mech builds xD
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    I have split this off from the original topic found here:

    Now to offer some critique of your build.

    Your armour stats are to low and not spread out very well, you need more armour on the front than you do the back since most of the time you will be facing your opponent.
    You should trade out the Medium pulse laser for 2 medium lasers, they will give you more punch for the same amount of tonnage.
    You put an AMS on there, but you forgot to add any ammo, which makes the AMS useless, there is also a CASE in there which has nothing to protect because there is no ammo.

    What I suggest is trade out the Medium Pulse Laser for 2 Medium Lasers, trade out the AMS, CASE and Small Laser for more armour and a bigger engine. Add Ferro Fiberous for even more armour.

    Also, because TDK does not have missiles, Artemis has absolutely no effect, and in the ingame Mechlab, can not be put on this mech.
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    Following ( most of ) Moonswords suggestions

    If you have speed tweak this mech is 'fast enough'. adding ferro allows you to max the armour. I can't comment on how good this is since I haven't piloted any Commando's , but I've seen similar builds out there.
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    I like it, The big bummer for me is that I don't have an XL210 not an XL200 to test this out with. A mere 143 armor will mean that I'll have to play extremely conservatively.