Death's Knell "Marginal Upgrade" (4xMPL, XL210)

Thread in 'Death's Knell' started by Regina Redshift, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Regina Redshift

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    Like many people who purchased a Death's Knell, I found the 'mech had almost no room for improvement. Not to say that it's a good 'mech, but that the hardpoints, tonnage, etc leave very little wiggle room.

    I started what I suspected would be an easy upgrade from MLASes to MPLASes. 5 million cbills later, I had this.
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  2. Mythweaver

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    I expect that the heat issues must stand out in this 'Mech, it must get difficult to keep that heat meter in mind while the fight is raging. I bought a Death's Smell (Love that name Zer0) and sold it after around 10 matches. If you are doing well with this it speaks volumes about you piloting abilities and looks good on you. It is too bad because I think it looks outstanding, silver and metalic blue.

    Don't get me wrong, this build is excellent for what you were given to work with.

  3. skribs

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    I plan to get one, I think I'd be more apt to add a couple heat sinks and stay with MLs (dropping FF would give me the slots to do it). I like MPLs only if I'm getting 2-3 of them, but on a mech this size I'd definitely prefer 4 MLs.

    I agree, though, I wouldn't change much from standard configuration.
  4. GreatGold

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    The Comms were the second chassis I mastered, after the Spiders, and the DK was my first Hero Mech. I immediately put the 4MPL fit on her, and thought it was the shit. Actually did pretty well, and was an excellent lesson on the importance of heat management! But, I eventually found myself being way too conservative with my shots because I was constantly overheating, even when I was paying more attention to heat than anything else in the match.

    With the space allotment possible, and tonnage, I think you get more bang for your buck with the boring old standard 4ML configuration, which I found a tad disappointing, but ultimately true. That said, when CW kicks in, and total lance tonnage on the field actually matters, the DK will pack a disproportionate punch relative to its weight on maps (especially when you factor in 12x12s or larger, where all that SRM ammo from other Comm fits is gonna disappear fast!).
  5. enileph

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    Well, I love DK! For the tonage this mech acks a wonderful punch, all the while being small and hard to hit. This is especially true on water maps.

    The standard MLas version is good on circle of death, while this MPLas version is good on jousting. This works quite well in cityblocks.

    It really depends on playing style really, and which map you are on.

    Oh make sure you set one fire mode on chain to use when you really need a circle of death approach. It would save on the heat.
  6. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    With DHS patch, engine's DHS are no more better compared to external DHS, plus DHS received an overall buff, making this 4xMPL more viable (at least in theory, I don't own the actual mech)
    52% heat efficiency with quirks looks very good.