Dao Breaker "Death at 1000m" (2x LGR, 1x ER-PPC, XL265)

Thread in 'Dao Breaker' started by Renegademaster, Jan 20, 2021.

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    I have been playing some sniping builds and found this one for Dao Breaker. 2 Light GR in the arm have a range of 810m plus pretty good DPS, we can bump that up with 1 ER-PPC. Velocity and range synch almost perfectly, just dont fire together as the Ghost Heat penalty is significant. 4 tons of ammo lasts me most games.

    Dao Breakers 10% range makes the range 891m, and its cooldown quicks fit this build too.

    A few more Range nodes and we are dealing full damage at nearly 1000m, so the Dao of Distance is simply to stay out of enemy ideal range, whilst we still deal full damage - this evens the odds when we trade. Pick up some Velocity nodes too as this helps our aim. In the event you do get LRM locks, get behind cover and change position.

    Basic sensor range is 800m, so you are over that you dont show up radar! Free ECM!

    Its a great fun mech to play, and makes a change from brawling.

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