CRB_FL "Warhound" (2x LPLAS, 2xSMR4, 2xHMG, XL250)

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    Very balanced build capable to deal solid damage on medium distance with 2xLPLAS and hunt down damaged targets (or support bigger mechs fight) in close range with SMRs and HMGs.

    Have great heat sustain, survivability and mobility (with 91SP, of course).

    Here i decided to ignore mech's quirks, because of wierd hardpoints distribution (focusing on ballistic firepower installing guns to hands of such short statured mech with not too much of armor would be a not best idea, right?), so ballistic hardpoints will be fully optional support ones. If we'll loose hand - ok, we still have our main firepower. I've played with 2 options - 2xSNPPC and 2xLPLAS and decided that LPLAS are better because of better range and damage with same heat generation. As this mech dont want to tank too much damage - we are providing fire support from behind of bigger mechs, but if we are in close combat - we can perfectly manage such situations with 2xSMR4 and 2xHMG. Thats, for sure, not enough to win assault mech 1v1 (because even with maxed mobility skill tree we are not mobile enough), but can handle almost any medium mech and some heavy ones, thanks to great heat sustain caused by the fact that we have not more than 2 units of any type of fitted weapon. Not coolest (in the meaning of cooling. In all other meanings - one of the best :)) mech in the world, but very very solid. Also, with XL250 engine and fully maxed mobility tree we can reach 87km/h and enough maneuverability to be where we need to be, which is nice.
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