CRB-Florentine “Libertine” (LB10X, 2ML, 2SRM6A, XL265

Thread in 'Florentine' started by ShiverMeRivets, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. ShiverMeRivets

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    A crustacean hero with a shotgun, missiles, and armor quirks - what’s not to like?

    I tried UAC5S and was disappointed. So I switched to this build which is nearly identical to a build I use in a Centurion - the Crab does it a lot better! 1st game with this build and less than 10 skill points invested resulted in 527 match score.

    Feels very sturdy in spite of the XL engine. Crab hitboxes are good and the hero gets armor quirks instead of the usual structure quirks, incl. in the legs - the crab’s Achilles heel (pun intended).


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