CPLT-C1 - Rain Cat (2xLRM20+A 2xML, TAG, BAP, 2x JJ, XL 280)

Thread in 'CPLT-C1' started by triforceelf, Oct 7, 2014.

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    This 'mech has but one purpose: Making it rain with 40 missiles at a time. BAP is needed for those fast lock ons, with TAG for pinpoint accuracy for some sweet kills. Most of the time you'll be hanging back though, so this design forgoes any but the barest back up weapons in the form of 2x ML to keep off lights. You can jump and move fairly well with a 280 and 2 JJs, don't don't expect to be dashing around the place. Find yourself a good sniping position and set up camp with occasional TAG locks to take down choice targets.
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