CP-11-A "High UAC" (3xSRM6, 1xUAC5, 3xMPLas, 2xMG, STD325)

Thread in 'CP-11-A' started by Trifler, Aug 25, 2016.

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    Basically another variation on the (U)AC/5 + SRM + Las theme that seems popular for this variant. The main thing with this one is I used two MGs to move the UAC/5 to the highest hardpoint on the shoulder. That's the only reason I added them. Since they're there, I went ahead and gave them a half-ton of ammo. The UAC/5 looks pretty cool up there too.

    This build can be modified fairly easily in several ways.
    1. The engine can be increased to a STD 340 by replacing the MPLs with MLs.and removing a half-ton of armor.
    2. The SRM6s can be replaced with SRM4s, allowing one ton of ammo to be moved to the CT and one ton to be removed while maintaining the same number of shots. This then allows the removal of the CASE.
    3. Changing the MPL in the left arm to an LPL is an option.
    4. A XL engine fits with the removal of one heat sink from each side torso
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    I'm wondering if this is also possible with the UAC20, on the Mauler MX-90 they're always moved to a lower position.