Casual CP-11-A "Cruella" (3xRAC2 3xRL15 2xML LE350)

Thread in 'CP-11-A' started by Excalibaard, Nov 30, 2018.

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    With new buffs to the Rocket Launchers that double their crit damage, it's worth to try them out again. RL exceed SRMs in terms of range significantly, and deal approximately the same damage as 3 simultaneous SRM6s, EACH. just imagine 90 damage with double crits coming out of nowhere! The downside is spread and that you can only use them once. However, that gives them excellent capabilities to finish armorless mechs in a panic situation, and with a range close to that of the RAC2s, they can be used more easily than SRMs. If you can't save them until the end, they are still excellent at stripping armor of an important target as well.

    It's very similar in playstyle to my current JM6-A build (2RAC5 4RL20) in terms of gameplay. Use 3RAC2 as your main weapons. Stay with your team and support them, optimal range ~400m, but if they push, take the lead. Your big engine should give you enough mobility to get to the front. 2ML against pesky lights and for hitscan. You have the heat and hardpoints, so why not. 3RL15 for the aforementioned finishing power once enemy mechs are open. You don't have a lot of direct damage, so don't expect a lot of solo kills.
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    I was also thinking this ^. But I have gone with RL10s, LLs and LE320...

    Is good