COR-BR "Hi-Hat" (1xHPPC, 1xMRM30, 1xUAC10, 2xAMS, LE340)

Thread in 'Broadside' started by Mako275, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Mako275

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    I keep running into issues with the 2xUAC10 and HPPC build. The one UAC10 is way off to the left and down in the arm. So often in a brawl I'm hitting teammates or structures, or I have to go way out to get the arm clear.

    So I put this together with the thought that whenever I'm pointing at something I don't have to worry about convergence.

    I've only run a couple games, but I'm not disliking it so far.

    EDIT: Updated the build to Carlo's suggestions.
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  2. CarloArmato

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    4 ton of MRM ammo for 1xMRM20 is way overkill. 1 ton and full ammo skills is enough for 20 strikes. Drop 2 ton of ammo, RL, half ton of armor and you can fit a bigger MRM30.
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  3. Mako275

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    I like the way you think. I threw the 20 on there because I had one and wanted to test the idea. I'll rework it to your idea tonight. Thanks!
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