Casual COR-BR "Amputee" (1xUAC20, 1xMRM40, 1xMRM10, 1xLPL, LE345)

Thread in 'Broadside' started by JollyblueGiant, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Ok guys, Here's the build for the Broadside, called the Amputee because were not wasting tonnage on those low slung arms. We're talking max engine LE345 (58.8kph), Endo and with a double tap UAC20 alpha you are looking at 100 dmg using ONLY the high mounts. Arms are swung too low to be viable IMO, hence are stripped. Runs hot but with heat management skills it is very manageable. Works best as second line but can seriously brawl if needed.

    Weapon grouping:
    1. UAC20
    2. MRM40+MRM10
    3. LPL

    Hit 'em with a single tap UAC20 volley then MRMs and LPL, then your second tap of the UAC20. Strips armor clear off of most components, and helps avoid that UAC20 ghost heat.

    Stripped the CT of an AS7-D at point blank range in about 5 seconds in my first game with it- it just works so good.

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    For the short and long of it mrm10s aren’t worth it, more so with the ghost heat going on, so with a little slower and survivable mech, you get much better cooling with very similar performance
    Also UAC20 doesn’t have ghost heat if there’s only one on the mech
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