Casual COR-7A "Hot Rod" (3xERLL, 2xAC10, LE325)

Thread in 'COR-7A' started by CarloArmato, Mar 20, 2019.

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    A bit short on ammo (only 4 tons) and very hot if you keep on alpha striking, but it should be manageable with max skills (also, it is able to cool down despite permafiring only those AC10s).

    Use ERLL to soften up targets at very long range, then pinpoint and finish off opponents once at medium/close range. DO NOT go for a brawl with this mech and always try to keep your distance from your targets to exploit your excellent 10% range quirk plus your superior pinpoint and range capabilities.

    ALT: swap ERLL with LL for a medium-range-centered build. You gain DPS and sustained DPS but you will lose a LOT of damage at range.
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