Casual COR-5T "Buzzsaw" (3xRAC2, 3xAC2, 1xAMS, LE300)

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    I struggled a lot getting something to work on this mech when I first got it. After getting a few skill points and trying a few different loadouts I've started making this work in quickplay. It's slow, is missing a little armor, and the RACs are spread out on the arms so you'll want leftside/rightside weapon groups. I've had success running enough firepower skills to get the ammo/enchanced RAC and -6% Heat +11% Range +12% Velocity. I also took 28 points in survivability, I picked up all the reinforced casing skills because the structure quirks on these mechs make it feel necessary but I admit I'm not sure if it helps. I also took some operations to get all the cool run skills while also grabbing the Hill Climb stuff because every assault I play feels like it needs it. Advanced zoom because I like cockpit peepshows and enough auxiliary points to get two coolant shots and an Air Strike.

    I feel like I can knock torso's off heavy and assault mechs from range with ease. The coolant shots give me options when it becomes a brawl. The weapons being on the arms keep it from feeling useless. Only real problem with this build is the KGC-000 can probably do it better with armor quirks instead of structure quirks if only a bit slower.

  2. Fun build. Here is a stripped down version.
    The ammo balance may need tweaking based on your shooting style.
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