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    #Not for the weak minded.

    -Insert conversation on warhammer 60K
    Panzer Magier: There are too many fucking npc's on this planet
    Ragnahawk: so
    Ragnahawk: I tried making points on mechspecs
    Ragnahawk: All I get is shitturds that make the argument stfu you noob
    Ragnahawk: like rocket 20s
    Panzer Magier: Eyup. I get much the same on Reddit or MWO forums when I suggest things.
    Ragnahawk: they are the same tonnage as medium lasers
    Ragnahawk: 4 of them is = to 6 medium lasers
    Ragnahawk: but I can't kill an assault with 4 rocket 20s
    Ragnahawk: I brought this up
    Ragnahawk: They are like onooooooooo
    Ragnahawk: stfu, they are balanced
    Ragnahawk: and then they went on
    Ragnahawk: to say that medium lasers are not to be compared with rocket 20s
    Ragnahawk: therefore your argument is invalid
    Ragnahawk: Even when I went like, look I know you don't like instant kills, what if we locked it like gauss
    Panzer Magier: Well... for one I agree that rocketlaunchers are mostly fluf that you fill your mech. but its canonical that they only fire once.
    Ragnahawk: and then made the chainfire the same firerate as firing medium lasers
    Ragnahawk: they only fire once
    Panzer Magier: Yea
    Ragnahawk: I was telling them they should make the spread better
    Panzer Magier: I would agree on that.
    Ragnahawk: so that I can actually kill an assault with them in the back
    Ragnahawk: instead of wasting my cw mech
    Ragnahawk: thats never going to be a cw mech the way it is now
    Panzer Magier: I mean there's really no reason to hold back the op meter on rocketlaunchers. since its not like you can wipe out a team with them :)
    Ragnahawk: ^
    Ragnahawk: I can do 10x better in medium lasers
    Ragnahawk: I can't make that argument on mechspecs
    Ragnahawk: they immediately shut it down as heresy
    Panzer Magier: They're npc's red. you cant argue with npc's XD
    Ragnahawk: I can kill them with kindness
    Ragnahawk: in the form of hostility
    Ragnahawk: by shitting on them multiple times
    Ragnahawk: one of the people that shit on me in that thread went on to say that rocket 20s should be buffed in another thread
    Ragnahawk: I checked like on his post
    Ragnahawk: XD

    Nobody has been labeled. You can shit on me too if you want to see since were allowed to do this in this forum. (Not that you'll ever get under my skin hehehe) < Warning: As long as you don't use my username.

    Little tidbit on me: I don't like unreasonable not rational people. IE NPC'S. If you can come up with a valid argument, your good. If you want me to shut up. That's fine too. I'm just going here next time I need to vent.
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